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11/20/20232 min read

Alyson Hendry provides holistic speech therapy, communication coaching, and health coaching.
Alyson Hendry provides holistic speech therapy, communication coaching, and health coaching.

Welcome. I am glad you are here.

My name is Alyson Hendry, I am the owner and creator of Speech and Movement. I am a bilingual speech language pathologist (SLP) and an integrative nutrition health coach. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to help others (I am a Type 2 on the enneagram, after all). I went to college, became a SLP and moved from my home state of Missouri to Texas to work with bilingual and Spanish speaking children and families. I worked in public schools for nearly a decade. In the schools, I helped a lot of children, educators, and families, but for me, just focusing on speech and language didn’t feel like enough. So many of my students were dealing with other issues on top of learning and language difficulties- poverty, unstable homes, limited access to healthy food, outdoor space and physical movement- all of which impacts their brain and physical development. Many of the educators I worked with were trying to survive. They were excellent teachers and therapists, but they were inundated with the stress of a job that asks too much of you, with too few of resources, too little time, and not enough pay. Many of them experienced their own health struggles as a result. Just one year into my post-graduate life as a SLP, I began to struggle with my own health as well, until I decided to go on my own health journey. The more I focused on taking care of myself first and “putting on my own oxygen mask before assisting others,” the happier, more focused, more productive and energetic I felt. I became a better SLP, mentor, and colleague. I began to help my fellow colleagues find their way on their own health journeys so that they could enjoy more happiness and energy and fulfillment for themselves, and also be better educators for our students. I began to give presentations on self care and wellness at staff meetings. I started wellness, exercise, healthy eating and water drinking challenges, and I helped create a culture and community around wellness in our schools.

Then, I became a caregiver. Not once, but twice. First to my mother, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Next, to my partner who sustained a multiple-trauma spinal cord injury from a 60 foot rock climbing fall. All of my best self care strategies have been put to the test, every day.

Speech and Movement is more than just speech therapy or just getting fit. It is about the journey we are all on in this life- to find joy, to grow, to learn, to thrive, to communicate and speak our thoughts and feelings, to connect with others, to strengthen and heal our minds, hearts and bodies, and to live our lives with purpose, clarity, authenticity, and resiliency.

I look forward to connecting with you on this journey.