Communication Coaching

Preparing for a speech, presentation or interview? Trying to find your voice in a competitive work environment? Looking to overcome public speaking anxiety? Communication Coaching is a non-clinical service we provide to improve individuals' confidence, efficiency, and power with any area related to communication. We work with executives, call center employees, and professionals looking to improve their communication skills, as well as adolescents and teens gaining presentation and public speaking skills. Looking to practice English or Spanish as a second language learner? We offer support and tutoring for vocabulary, grammar, conversation, and pronunciation as well.

woman standing pointing paper on board
woman standing pointing paper on board

Areas of Focus

  • Spanish I & Spanish II support

  • Spanish/English conversation practice

  • Spanish/English pronunciation

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Public speaking lessons

  • Meeting & presentation confidence

  • Interview preparation

  • Thought Work about communication

Communication Goals

  • Manage anxiety related to public speaking

  • Develop confidence with your communication

  • Improve concision and word finding

  • Increase the clarity and richness of your voice for projection

  • Convey confidence through your voice

  • Utilize effective rate and cadence in your speech

  • Develop active listening skills

  • Use positive communication for conflict resolution

  • Develop awareness of tone and volume

  • Appropriate body language and eye gaze

  • Improve small talk and story telling abilities

  • Develop control of emotions/stress in communication

  • And more!