Health Coaching

Alyson began her career as an SLP in pediatric clinics and public schools, where she encountered challenges with work-life balance, burnout, and declining health. This led her to become an integrative nutrition health coach, transforming her own life and career. She now enjoys supporting therapists, caregivers, and professionals in making positive lifestyle changes. Through personalized health coaching, you'll gain insight into your body and brain function and learn to make lasting, positive changes. You'll always in control of your own goals, with Alyson there to guide you every step of the way.

woman walking on pathway during daytime
woman walking on pathway during daytime

One size does not fit all

Looking to lose weight, manage a medical condition, reduce inflammation, eat healthier, balance hormones, exercise (or sleep) more, reduce stress, improve quality of relationships, develop a healthier relationship with finances/career/food, or more? Integrative health coaching will help you achieve any life goal, while taking into consideration your own bio-individuality.

Bio-individuality is a fundamental concept in functional medicine that highlights the uniqueness of each individual's health needs..We are all unique, and it is recognizing and honoring our uniqueness that is the key to health and happiness.

Alyson's approach blends evidence-based techniques across 12 key areas of health while incorporating positive mindset, metacognition, executive function, and communication skills to help her clients live a balanced and self-actualized life.